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8 Reasons Why Providing Employee Performance Feedback Backfires

Many times, leaders, managers, and executives give up on providing employee feedback because it has backfired on them. Why is that the case? Why does feedback so often backfire? Here are eight of the top causes!

4 Bad Reasons Not to Give Employee Feedback

Employee feedback is perhaps the single most powerful tool a leader has at his or her disposal to bring about significant improvement in levels of employee engagement and performance. So why don’t more leaders use it? Here are the top four reasons I have discovered in my work with companies of all sizes. Do any apply to you?

Employee Feedback: Your Key to Satisfied Employees

Just as your body needs regular, nutritious feeding to be healthy, your employees need regular, effective feedback to reach their highest potential. Yet in the corporate environment, leaders often starve their employees … and then wonder why they fail to perform.