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The Top 10 Benefits of Leadership Coaching

By Timothy I. Thomas
Today’s most effective business leaders fully understand their values and what is important to them. They also set strategic goals for themselves and their organizations and are motivated to reach those goals. And they inspire a shared vision that excites their employees to reach the highest levels of performance excellence. Sounds pretty straight forward, right?

Tim Thomas

Timothy I. Thomas is the President and CEO of Makarios Consulting, LLC, a leadership development and business consulting firm. Makarios Consulting specializes in interactive training and one-on-one coaching in progressive organizations in order to equip and empower their leaders to maximize their own leadership skills and inspire others to accomplish extraordinary business results. Timothy Thomas is the author of Creating All-Star Performers: The Power of Effective Feedback, now available for immediate download.

So why aren’t more leaders doing these things?

Because these things aren’t second nature for most people – some effort is required. And in today’s business world, where we are all being challenged to continually do more and more with fewer and fewer resources, finding the time and energy to pay attention to things like values and visions may seem like a luxury. That’s where a coach can help. Effective leadership coaches have tools and techniques at their disposal to help you maximize your time and minimize your frustration while focusing on the specific areas where you can achieve the most improvement in your effectiveness as a leader.

In as little as an hour a week over a couple of months, a qualified coach can help you clarify your values, set individual goals, and identify and remove any “blocks” that are hindering your success, thereby improving your leadership and management skills significantly. That’s why more and more of today’s savvy business owners, leaders, managers, and supervisors are working with coaches.

Leadership coaching provides many benefits, and the specific outcomes are as varied as the individuals who seek coaching. However, here are the top ten most common benefits that you can expect. Leadership coaching can enable you to…

  • Discover your leadership style and whether it is helping or hindering your employees.
  • Become a better communicator, both inside and outside of the workplace.
  • Understand motivation and how it applies to your employees and the results you seek.
  • Develop more effective ways to provide meaningful feedback to your employees.
  • Manage and resolve conflicts more effectively.
  • Learn great insights about yourself and what makes you tick.
  • Improve your effectiveness through time management and goal setting.
  • Become more efficient.
  • Help your staff become more productive and content.
  • Grow your business!

© 2008 Timothy I. Thomas
Article Source: Makarios Consulting, LLC