Creating All-Star Performers: The Power of Effective Feedback

Every day, you are faced with situations that call you to give constructive employee feedback. Positive situations, where you are thrilled with the work of the employee, and negative situations where you are tearing your hair out.

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Are you spending 80% of your people time on the 10% of your "problem" people?

Do you struggle with a lack of employee motivation and employee engagement in your workplace or business?

Do you avoid employee feedback because it so often seems negative, confrontational, or fruitless?

You can change all that!

Haven’t you been frustrated with negative employee behaviors long enough?

Don’t you want a team of motivated, high-performance all-stars?

Creating All-Star Performers: The Power of Effective Feedback will provide you with practical tools and powerful insights that can literally transform your business from top to bottom. You will learn:

  • Why people are at the bottom end of the employee performance bell curve – and what you can do to change it
  • The key elements of effective employee feedback and how to deliver them confidently and expertly
  • How to increase productivity, streamline processes, improve customer service and more by giving constructive feedback
  • Why employee feedback is so often a negative experience – and how to avoid the 8 biggest pitfalls of giving employee feedback
  • How self-fulfilling prophecies could be sabotaging your employees and your business

Your employee motivation, engagement, and productivity will increase dramatically as you put these key elements of effective employee feedback into daily use. Giving constructive employee feedback isn’t a mystery, and it’s not something to be avoided. It’s a skill you can learn today when you purchase Creating All-Star Performers: The Power of Effective Feedback.

This 42-page ebook will describe in detail the key elements of redirecting and reinforcing employee feedback, including:

  • How to avoid immediate disaster by learning the difference between a judgmental and a descriptive feedback statement
  • 3 steps to giving reinforcing employee feedback that will encourage desirable behaviors and provide positive recognition to increase employee motivation and engagement
  • 8 steps to providing redirecting employee feedback that will not only identify undesirable employee behaviors, but effectively motivate the individual to change those behaviors and improve employee performance

Creating All-Star Performers: The Power of Effective Feedback is highly interactive

  • Questions and assessments that will help you apply each concept directly to your workplace situation
  • Case studies to reinforce ideas and provide real-life scenarios
  • Self-tests to hone your ability with each new skill

Use Creating All-Star Performers: The Power of Effective Feedback to increase your personal skill with giving constructive feedback, or purchase multiple copies to distribute to your management team for group discussion and review.

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