Resolving Conflict: Overcoming Destructive Behaviors in the Workplace

Conflict in the workplace is a killer – to motivation, communication, production, and innovation. It is essential for executives, managers, and supervisors to learn proven strategies for conflict resolution so that they can turn conflict situations into opportunities for growth.

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Is conflict in the workplace destroying productivity?

Have multiple compromises left everyone unhappy?

Are tempers flaring repeatedly about the same issues?

Resolving Conflict: Overcoming Destructive Behaviors in the WorkplaceResolving Conflict: Overcoming Destructive Behaviors in the Workplace provides you with practical, time-tested strategies for conflict resolution that you can put into place today to get immediate results!

You will learn how to resolve conflict effectively by:

  • Understanding how and why conflicts arise. Conflict doesn’t just “happen.” It follows a specific pattern and cycle you can learn to recognize so that you can nip destructive behaviors and conflict situations in the bud.
  • Determining your preferred method of managing conflict. Recognizing how you typically react to conflict is the first step in improving your conflict management skills.
  • Examining five unique modes of conflict management. There isn’t one best method of managing conflict. The fact is, each conflict situation is different. Therefore, to resolve conflict in the workplace, you need to have a variety of conflict management tools at your command.

What do you do when tempers flare?

This 35-page ebook will describe in detail the key elements of the VOMP model of conflict management. The VOMP model is a simple, straightforward, and highly effective method for resolving conflict in the workplace – no matter what the situation! You will discover:

  • How to effectively communicate your thoughts and feelings
  • How to accept responsibility appropriately
  • How to empathize with the other party in the conflict situation
  • How to achieve an innovative solution to the problem

Resolving Conflict: Overcoming Destructive Behaviors in the Workplace is highly interactive

  • Questions and assessments that will help you apply each concept directly to your workplace situation
  • Case studies to reinforce ideas and provide real-life scenarios
  • Self-tests to hone your ability with each new skill

Use Resolving Conflict: Overcoming Destructive Behaviors in the Workplace to increase your personal conflict management skills, or purchase multiple copies to distribute to your management team for group discussion and review.

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