Achieving Powerful Leadership

6 Myths About Executive Coaching That Can Prevent Leaders From Reaching Their Full Potential

Are you troubled by the quality of leadership within your company? One of the best methods of improving the level of excellence in leadership is to invest in executive coaching. Unfortunately, many executives short-circuit the benefits of such coaching because they have fallen prey to one of six common myths:

  1. The Quick Fix Myth, that claims: “Three sessions should do the job!”
  2. The Pleasant Path Myth, that believes: “The coaching process should make me feel good, right?”
  3. The Therapy Session Myth, that wonders: “Is this psychological counseling under another name?”
  4. The Leadership Program Myth, that asks: “Why invest in coaching when I can send my manager to a leadership class?”
  5. The Paper Trail Myth, that thinks: “This will be the excuse I need to fire this guy.”

  6. The Endless Visit Myth, that fears: “Will I be saddled with the coach forever?”

“Achieving Powerful Leadership” debunks each of these six myths and provides a valuable reality check about executive coaching that can help your leaders reach their full potential!