Business Strategy / Strategic Planning

Business Strategy / Strategic Planning

Your business strategy – your strategic planning – is at the core of your success. As such, you can't afford to have your business strategy be vague or targeted at the wrong markets. Every person in your company needs to clearly understand and enthusiastically share your vision for the future.

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“Business is good, but not great. I believe we can accomplish much more, but we need to clarify our strategy... our strategic planning”

“We need to penetrate new markets – but which ones would be best, and how do we go about it?”

“Right now, we have no strategic plan. If we had the details, the milestones, and the metrics established, I believe we could succeed.”

At Makarios Consulting, we will work with you through a proven five-step strategic planning process to:

Establish Your Vision

To make optimum allocation decisions in the present, you have to define where you want to be in the future. That means creating a compelling vision: a vision that is practical, specific, and targeted. Makarios Consulting can help you define that vision.

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Assess Your Company

Objectivity can be nearly impossible to achieve when you are in the middle of a situation. Our tendency is to gravitate to one end of the spectrum or the other. But true objectivity is essential in order to ensure ongoing growth and development.

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Analyze Your Competition

Your business doesn’t exist in a vacuum. You are a part of a dynamic market – a market that surges with competition. Makarios Consulting will help you develop your business strategy through properly analyzing your competition

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Define Your Differentiators

It is essential to define what differentiates your business from your competition. Doing so enables you to build a compelling case for prospective customers to choose you over other firms.

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Develop Your Plan

Once you have established your vision, assessed your company, analyzed your competition, and defined your differentiators, you are now in a position to develop your business plan.

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Our dynamic strategic planning process will ensure your company’s long-term success in identifying growth markets, reaching your customers, and taking advantage of industry opportunities – all while delivering an attractive return on invested capital.