Business Strategy / Strategic Planning

Assess Your Company

Business Strategy – Assessment: Objectivity can be nearly impossible to achieve when you are in the middle of a situation. Our tendency is to gravitate to one end of the spectrum or the other: to view life through rose-colored glasses, or to sink into deep pessimism. But true objectivity is essential in order to ensure the ongoing growth and development of your business and business strategy.

Business Meeting

Makarios Consulting will provide you with that vital objectivity to define your core focus as a company.

Makarios Consulting will provide you with that vital objectivity as we work with you to clarify such matters as:

  • Your core focus as a company
  • The true value in your products and services
  • Your internal strengths
  • The business issues that are inhibiting your growth
  • How well your company solves problems
  • The consistency of your processes
  • Your accountability to each other as a leadership team
  • The profile of your target market

Business Strategy: Assessment

This crucial assessment will provide you with the core data you require to develop your company’s business strategy – your strategic plan. It will help you identify the most attractive business opportunities open to you and what steps you will need to take to leverage those opportunities to the fullest extent. It will also provide you with a baseline from which to chart the exponential growth, development, and success you will now experience as you move forward.