Business Plan Execution

Improve Performance

Success in business depends upon excellence in your daily operations. At Makarios Consulting, we will help you improve performance and execute more effectively every day, every week, and every quarter.

Business Delegation

As you systematically improve performance and streamline your execution, your strategic goals will become your daily reality.

Utilizing the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®), we will help you adopt and install a powerful set of management tools.

These tools will allow you to:

  • Develop a weekly scorecard. The scorecard consists of 5-15 key metrics that evaluate your company’s weekly performance. By measuring performance, your leadership team can see at a glance how your business is performing, and can focus attention specifically on areas that need immediate attention.
  • Establish quarterly goals. Whereas your strategic plan gives you a short list of goals for the next 3-5 years and your annual plan defines your 12-month ambitions, here you set in place your 90-day critical priorities. These short-term goals are designed to help you gain traction in your business and move you crisply forward to attain first your annual goals and then your longer-term strategic goals.
  • Adopt a powerful format for weekly meetings. Too many meetings circle endlessly around static reports, unimportant matters, and unresolved issues. By implementing a new meeting agenda format, your leadership team will be able to focus on resolving critical business issues, whether that entails addressing problem areas or taking advantage of new opportunities. Ineffective meetings will become a thing of the past for your company.