Leadership Training & Development

Change Management

Today’s society and marketplace is in a constant state of flux and upheaval. Businesses have to be proactive and flexible when it comes to anticipating and addressing the need for change. Fortunately, change doesn’t have to mean chaos.

The Complete Leader

“Our company has to make some serious changes to keep up with today’s market conditions, but I’m worried that we’ll self-destruct in the process.”

“Everybody’s intent on doing their own thing – we have no sense of teamwork or how to pull together.”

“I know that effective change hinges on effective leadership, but my people don’t know how to lead change well.”

At Makarios Consulting, we will help your organization experience change as an unprecedented opportunity for growth, development, and success through our powerful change management services.

Management, Organization & Leadership Development

Our Management, Organizational & Leadership Development consulting services are designed to improve every facet of leadership development including strategic planning, change management, team building, performance reviews, 360-degree appraisals, and employee surveys. Lasting culture change is not easy to create, but with our time-tested Organization Development technologies we have assisted our clients in bringing about sustainable change.

Organizational Assessments

An Organizational Assessment reviews your company from top to bottom, exploring all facets of strategy and vision, leadership and management, communication, employee engagement, and job functions. Once all the data has been gathered, we will provide you with a thorough analysis and specific recommendations that will help you to overcome any issues that have been identified.