Leadership Training & Development

Management & Organizational Development

Your leaders and managers are one of your key resources. When they lead well – with vision, purpose, and effectiveness – your business is on the way to success. When they lead poorly, problems multiply, conflicts spread like wildfire, and productivity plummets.

The Complete Leader

“If you want change for the better, Tim Thomas is someone you need to meet. Tim is a valuable partner for improvement with a triple-play of organizational development expertise: He has the gifted insight to define/address business needs, a process-fluency for the people-side of change, and a highly-effective facilitation style that brings out the best in everyone. Tim will help you to make worthwhile improvements that last.” Scott Carroll,
Dir. of Operational Excellence, Catalent Pharma Solutions

Makarios Consulting, LLC can provide you with the training and consultation necessary to develop a strong leadership component in your company.

We believe that our job is to empower our clients, rather than to create an on-going dependence on our services. That is why our goal is to equip your leaders with the skills they need to continue improving performance on their own.

We provide management and organization consulting services in the following areas:

Leadership Development

Leadership is as much about how things get done as what gets done. Good leaders draw the best out of their employees by listening effectively, giving and receiving feedback, coaching, influencing, and providing recognition. Makarios Consulting, LLC, can work with your leaders to assess their strengths and blind spots and develop a plan to enhance their skills, improving their performance, and ultimately, the performance of those around them. Click here to learn more about The Complete Leader.

Leading Change

Change is inevitable and it’s rarely easy. We can minimize the discomfort and disruption involved in the change process by:

  • Clearly defining the driving force for the change and the expected benefits.
  • Determining the stakeholders in the change effort and providing guidance on when and how to involve them in the change.
  • Developing a communication plan for each phase of the change.
  • Documenting what will change and what will stay the same, at both the process and task level.
  • Helping you understand and manage the phases of transition that you and your employees will experience.
  • Providing guidance on how to overcome resistance to change.
  • Group Facilitation and Process Consultation

It is well recognized that a group of people working effectively together can achieve much more than any individual alone. When groups achieve synergy, the whole is indeed much more than the sum of its parts. There are many factors that can prevent groups from achieving synergy, however, including lack of clarity or understanding around the group’s purpose and direction, problems with communication, ineffective leadership, conflict among group members, lack of structure or focus in meetings, low morale, and inconsistent rewards and recognition. Makarios Consulting, LLC, can help you get the most out of your group interactions, whether it be a one-time event or an on-going effort. We can work with you to plan and facilitate an important group meeting or work with a group over time to evaluate their overall group process and provide coaching to improve their effectiveness.

Group Facilitation and Process Consultation

Many businesses today seek to maximize the performance of their employees and most recognize the role of training and development in improving performance. Learning by itself, however, cannot produce on-the-job results. A supportive work environment that holds people accountable for using the new skills and provides additional coaching and guidance on those skills is critical. Makarios Consulting, LLC, can help you define the level of performance that is required, measure the level of performance currently being achieved, and quantify the gap in between in terms of knowledge, skills, and behaviors that need to be improved. We can then design training to provide the needed knowledge and skills and partner with managers/supervisors to create a work environment that encourages and supports the desired behaviors, leading to improved performance, and ultimately, business results.

Team Building

High-performing teams do not just happen, they must be cultivated and developed. Laying a good foundation when the team is formed can go a long way toward ensuring that the team achieves it goals, but there are distinct developmental stages that all teams must go through to reach their highest level of performance. And, although teams are increasingly popular in the business world, there are situations where a team approach is not likely to succeed. We can help you decide if a team approach is appropriate for your specific business need and, if so, we can provide guidance and facilitate activities to help the team get off to a good start, work through the developmental challenges that inhibit many teams, and achieve peak performance. We can also work with established teams to assess their development and provide coaching to improve their effectiveness.