Leadership Training & Development

The Complete Leader

The Complete Leader is a comprehensive leadership training & development program designed to provide organizational leaders with practical and time-tested skills in the art of leading others. The program is especially recommended for new supervisors, frontline managers, and mid-level management. Seasoned leaders and upper management may also wish to participate in this program to re-visit the basics of individual and organizational success.

The Complete Leader

“The Complete Leader course (it is a life experience, really) should be a requirement for all new managers! Makarios provides participants with the communication tools necessary to deal with just about any situation (conflict, employee performance issues, and change management). I look at my leadership position in an entirely different light now that I am armed with the resources and information this course provided.” Dan Johnson, VP of Sales
The Keane Organization

The Complete Leader is a highly interactive leadership training experience composed of six modules:

Motivating for Performance

A recent Gallup survey found that nearly one in five U.S. workers is performing below his or her potential – resulting in an estimated $300 billion in annual lost productivity. Are you dealing with any such unproductive employees?

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Results-based Leadership

What qualities make a good leader? In this module, you will discover your own personal leadership style and assess the effect that style has on your interactions with subordinates.

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Communicating for Understanding

Effective communication doesn’t happen automatically. Through this module, you will identify major barriers to effective communication and learn the skills of effective questioning and active listening to minimize these barriers.

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Resolving Conflicts

Conflict can take many forms, and can spring from innumerable causes. This module provides you with an in-depth analysis of the causes of conflict and explores the various methods of managing conflict.

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Removing Barriers to Change

“Change” can be a frightening word. As a leader, you play a key role in determining how your employees will respond to organizational change.

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The Art of Delegating

It’s all too easy not to delegate – perhaps because you feel like you’re giving up control, perhaps because it seems simpler and faster to do a job yourself. But delegation is critical to effective leadership.

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Each module is composed of two parts:

First, there is a half-day training session composed of leadership training, teaching, group activities, and discussion.

Second, two weeks later, all participants engage in a half-day open forum to discuss real-time management and leadership issues they are currently facing on the job.

Through the open forum, participants receive feedback and coaching on how to address current issues by using the skills and information learned in the original leadership training session. This steady and practical reinforcement maximizes the probability of on-the-job application of the leadership training and principles learned in class.