Leadership Training & Development

The Complete Leader – In Depth

The Complete Leader covers all the following aspects of leadership through six comprehensive and interactive modules.

The Complete Leader

“As a new manager, the training provided by Tim has been priceless. The techniques he introduces, coupled with the enthusiasm he brings to the classroom have enabled me to grow in my role supervising individual employees. Additionally, the scheduling of his instruction allowed for me to not only absorb the material but immediately apply it and deliver feedback during subsequent open forums. This style is far different and more practical than management seminars providing instruction over just a few short days.” John Havrilla,
Manager - Client Services Group, The Keane Organization

Motivating for Performance

A recent Gallup survey found that nearly one in five U.S. workers is performing below his or her potential – resulting in an estimated $300 billion in annual lost productivity. Are you dealing with any such unproductive employees? If so, at this highly interactive module you will learn how get the most out of your people by getting them to want to do what they need to do! Motivating your employees for high performance takes more than traditional appraisal systems, threat of job loss, or raises and other incentives. The desire for high performance comes from within your employees – and at this module will teach you how to instill and nurture their desire for success.

Results-based Leadership

What qualities make a good leader? In this module, you will discover your own personal leadership style and assess the effect that style has on your interactions with subordinates. You will learn the importance of a situational use of leadership style, and will develop the knowledge and skills to employ the right leadership behaviors at the right time.

Communicating for Understanding

Effective communication doesn’t happen automatically. Through this module, you will identify major barriers to effective communication and learn the skills of effective questioning and active listening to minimize these barriers. You will assess your own personal communication style and learn specific techniques to improve overall effectiveness in communication.

Resolving Conflicts

Conflict can take many forms, and can spring from innumerable causes. This module provides you with an in-depth analysis of the causes of conflict and explores the various methods of managing conflict. You will study appropriate responses to conflict, and learn to use a communications model that is extremely effective in addressing conflict situations.

Removing Barriers to Change

“Change” can be a frightening word. As a leader, you play a key role in determining how your employees will respond to organizational change. This module explores the profound effect organizational change has on employees and demonstrates how to guide them successfully through the change process so that change is viewed as an opportunity for positive growth, both individually and corporately.

The Art of Delegating

It’s all too easy not to delegate – perhaps because you feel like you’re giving up control, perhaps because it seems simpler and faster to do a job yourself. But delegation is critical to effective leadership. This module will show you how to choose what tasks should be delegated, increase your awareness of key delegation communication skills, and give you the a roadmap to effective delegation.