Leadership Coaching – In Depth

Makarios Consulting will help you achieve your highest potential as a leader as you:

1. Eliminate the strategic and psychological barriers to your success as a leader.

leadership coaching can help you answer questions such as:

What are the primary financial drivers of my company and how do I optimize them?
How do I communicate more effectively with my staff?
How do I overcome my fears of rejection and of making mistakes?
How do I become a decisive and insightful leader?
2. Learn how to engage your staff to create and pursue a shared vision.

Explore the many aspects of developing a strategic vision, including how to:

Define a corporate mission statement and strategic plan.
Determine specific objectives, goals, and performance standards for each workgroup and individual.
Manage daily and ongoing tasks in order to achieve results that are aligned with your vision.
3. Discover how to motivate your employees to achieve their highest levels of performance.

Motivation is a complex topic – but Makarios Consulting can help you:

Improve employee performance by understanding what drives your employees’ behaviors.
Shape performance through reinforcing and redirecting feedback.
Deliver meaningful performance evaluations in order to increase employee productivity.
“Tim has the great ability to motivate professionals to want to become better at what they do. His Leadership Development programs force executives to take a good look at themselves, the businesses they manage, and the relationships they have with their colleagues and employees. If you are looking for someone to assist in bringing your department, business unit, or company to new heights, I highly recommend Tim Thomas and his Makarios Consulting team.”

Michael Kelly,
Senior Director of Customer Engagements, Cadient Group, Inc.