Workshops & Seminars – In Depth

Makarios Consulting offers a wide variety of workshops and seminars to help your company achieve increased productivity, enhanced motivation, and extraordinary results:

Communicating for Understanding

Communication is essential for a successful business! Participants in this seminar will:

Identify major barriers to effective communication
Explore and practice the skills of effective questioning and active listening to minimize these barriers
Assess their own personal communication style
Evaluate the implications of various communication styles
Learn specific techniques to improve overall effectiveness in communication
Leading Change Initiatives

“Change” can be a frightening word. As a leader, you play a key role in determining how your employees will respond to organizational change. This module:

Explores the profound effect organizational change has on employees
Demonstrates how to guide employees successfully through the change process
Examines how change can be viewed as an opportunity for positive growth, both individually and corporately
Delivering High-Caliber Customer Service

Organizations interested in leading long and productive lives are returning in droves to the fundamentals of service excellence-providing customers with what they want, when and how they want it. Accordingly, this program is designed to:

Build an appreciation of the value of customer service
Examine poor and positive customer-service practices
Learn and practice effective customer-service behaviors
Assess the organization’s “customer-service climate”
Allow for the planning of effective, long-lasting customer-service strategies
The Art of Delegation

Learn how to get back in control of your job (and your life!) by making the best use of your time in leading your employees.

Learn what work you can comfortably give away
Identify the appropriate person(s) to give it to
Learn how to communicate essential information and expectations to employees
Discover how to coach without controlling
Facilitating Effective Meetings

Meetings are often mismanaged-they get off track, are interrupted, take too much time, have unclear agendas, and lack effective leadership. In this one-day program, participants will learn how to plan, organize, and conduct productive meetings, including:

Steps for preparation of a meeting
Developing an agenda
Encouraging participation
Handling counterproductive behaviors
Planning action for follow-up
Motivating for Performance

Discover how to bring out the best in your people by attending this high-energy seminar.

Learn how to get the most out of your people by getting them to want to do what they need to do
Gain insight into what motivates people to succeed
Build interpersonal communication skills to create a desire to perform at one’s highest level
Discover strategies to facilitate the on-going development and improved performance of your employees
Proactive Project Management

With project teams becoming an increasingly important part of the modern organization, proactive management of each phase of a project is critical to success in the workplace. This program is designed to enable participants to:

Identify the critical components needed for successful project management
Understand how to use appropriate tools in managing a project
Learn and practice a variety of techniques required to manage projects successfully
Expand their repertoire of formats and scheduling methods
Removing Barriers to Change

Change is an inevitable part of organizational life, but is often difficult for most people. This valuable seminar helps participants to:

Describe different methods of implementing change
Identify and describe the leader’s role(s) in organizational change
Explore various employee response patterns to change initiatives
Describe productive behaviors supervisors might exhibit to address employee needs while facilitating change
Resolving Conflicts

Learn how to use workplace difficulties as opportunities for mutual gain!

Lessen anxiety by learning how to respond appropriately to conflict
Improve interpersonal communication in conflict situations
Increase productivity in the workplace by turning potentially destructive conflict into an opportunity for learning and growth
Develop an action plan to address current and future conflict situations
Results-based Leadership

The quality of a company’s leadership can make or break the success of the business. This essential seminar teaches participants to:

Discover their own personal leadership style
Assess the effect that style has on their interactions with subordinates
Understand the situational use of leadership style
Discern how to employ the right leadership behaviors at the right time
Managing Your Time

Time management is a process of constantly asking what is more important and arranging priorities to reflect each choice. This program will provide participants with the opportunity to:

Increase awareness of attitudes toward time
Identify procrastination patterns
Assess personal “clutter styles”
Learn to plan time by setting priorities and developing action plans
Appreciating Diversity

Discover how to maximize and capitalize on workplace diversity through increased understanding and effective communication.

Review ethnic, racial, and cultural uniqueness
Explore how culture influences workplace behaviors
Learn to appreciate the cultural styles and values of different groups and individuals
Utilize a human relations model to analyze and enhance intercultural relationships
Group Facilitation

Effective meetings are an essential part of today’s corporate environment. Yet all too often, meetings are characterized by conflict, wasted time, and lack of resolution. Learn how to:

Prepare for meetings and create complete agendas
Maintain direction during the meeting
Encourage participation and brainstorming
Identify important decisions and action items