Who We Are: Business Consulting Experts

Who We Are

Makarios Consulting is a full-service business consulting firm that works with Owners and CEOs of small- to mid-sized companies to provide measurable results, increased sales, and higher profitability. We bring dynamic change to your business by working with you to improve your business strategy, enhance the effectiveness of your operations, strengthen your leadership team, transform your ability to manage change, and turn your customer service into a unique competitive advantage.

Business Consultants

“Makarios Consulting has the ability to identify strengths and weaknesses whether it be in individuals or corporate structures.”

Our Business Consulting Expertise

  • Expert Knowledge. All members of the Makarios Consulting team have been senior-level executives in addition to providing consulting services to C-level individuals in a wide range of businesses.
  • Robust Content. We never engage in empty theory or emotional hype. The foundation of all our consulting, strategizing, and training is specific, practical, meaningful content that produces lasting improvements.
  • Detailed Planning. Anyone can provide a 30,000 foot view of your business, but that’s not where real results are gained. We help you put your business under the microscope in order to strengthen the key components of your business, create clarity, and gain traction.
  • Professional Candor. We help you take a candid look at the challenges in your business so you learn to directly address the issues that are inhibiting your company’s growth and development. Only through a realistic analysis of your business can a powerful strategic plan be set in place that will focus your energy and resources.
  • Measurable Results. We take the guesswork out of analyzing results. We will work with you to set in place specific metrics to track your company’s progress in every area, including sales, operations, finance, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and overall company value.
  • Personal Energy. The fact is, we love what we do! We are excited and enthusiastic about helping you achieve success, and we communicate and display that energy in all our interactions with you.
  • Superior Service. Because we are committed to bringing lasting positive change to your organization, we make ourselves readily available to you at all times.

Professional Certifications

Everything DiSC® Behavioral Profiles
Certified Implementer of the Entrepreneurial Operating System®
Situational Leadership®

Professional Associations

The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania