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Tim Thomas appears on Moving Forward

Tim Thomas (founder Makarios Consulting, LLC, co-author, HeadTrash book series) discusses how the "sequel," HeadTrash 2 came about.

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Tim Thomas

How Tim gets inspired to conquer the day:

For Tim, it’s all about knowing his purpose and living it, each and every day. Having gone thru several career pivots, Tim knows w/ full clarity and conviction that his purpose is to serve others and help them reach their highest potential. Moving Forward listeners, Tim doesn’t just explain what his inspirational source his, he shares it with you. He challenges you to find your purpose, whether thru meditation, prayer, journaling, mentoring or spiritual direction. Just by pivoting his answer into a mandate for Moving Forward listeners, there is no doubt that Tim is true to his word about living his purpose everyday.

Setback or failure that led to pivot and shift:

This relates directly to Tim’s inspirational source and his mission in life. Two months after the publication of the first HeadTrash book, Tim was diagnosed w/ a brain tumor. As Tim muses, he literally had “headtrash.” Tim underwent surgery in July 2013 and had a long, difficult but fully successful recovery. This experience further amplified Tim’s mission to serve others. Moving Forward listeners, we are not guaranteed another day. As Tim so eloquently discusses, a job is not the same as a vocation or calling. Are you living each day on autopilot, trading time for money until the clock hits 5 or are you living your purpose w/ an appreciation that each day is gift? Take Tim’s story to heart, stop spending your energy on the “headtrash” that may be preventing you from pivoting or re-energizing your life’s purpose and start moving forward today.

Tim’s Advice for you to Move Forward:

Carve out some time to sit down and really figure out what “turns you on.” Tim explains, that it’s important to spend some quality time w/ yourself in quiet meditation to figure out your passion and what your drivers are. One way you can do this is to look back at the times in your life when you felt: a) the happiest, b) the most joy, and c) the most fulfilled. Then ask yourself, what were you doing that allowed you to experience all three? That’s a good place to start. Moving Forward listeners, Tim knows his purpose and lives it everyday. Imagine waking up each morning, having a vocation that allows you to experience the a-b-c of joy and fulfillment? Second, Tim adds the equally important part of the formula: take massive determined action. Don’t just “navel gaze” and daydream. Moving forward requires the first word, moving. It’s not enough to know a purpose, you must then act upon it and live it. Moving Forward listeners, if you’re reading this now, you may be in a place where you’re dealing w/ too much “headtrash,” whether your own or other people’s to have clarity. Tim has provided some excellent knowledge bursts on clearing out that junk so you can have greater clarity on your life’s purpose. And if you need help w/ this, you now know someone who has devoted his life to helping others clear out the obstacles that stand between you and you living up to your fullest potential. Tim has overcome a lot to get to this point and he has devoted his life and career to help you so that you can always be moving forward.