Makarios Executive Coaching Process

The Makarios Consulting Executive Coaching Process is comprised of 4 steps

Everything DiSC
Step 1

Individual Leadership Assessment (Self)

We will administer an assessment from the Everything DiSC® suite of tools, which will provide a wealth of insight to the leader about his or her style, strengths, and potential weaknesses. A Makarios leadership coach will review the results with your leader and discuss specific ways in which the leader can best use his or her strengths in executing their current leadership responsibilities. This session will also include a strategic discussion about how the leader can “flex” his or her behavioral style to engage and influence others.

Makarios 360 Assessment
Step 2

Leadership Assessment (Others)

The Makarios 360-degree feedback appraisal

  • The 360 degree executive coaching performance appraisal is the starting point of a targeted executive coaching development plan between the leadership coach and the leader. It is based around candid feedback collected anonymously from key supervisors, peers, subordinates, and other key stakeholders.
  • MAKARIOS will implement a 360-degree executive coaching appraisal tool to effectively understand the participant’s leadership strengths and areas of improvement as perceived by others. The data is developed through one-on-one interviews and / or by administering a confidential questionnaire to a select group of managers, peers and staff. The information gleaned from this evaluation will provide critical insight to effectively develop the leader.
  • The participant will receive a dedicated executive coaching session to discuss the results of the 360 assessment. By careful review of the data and trends, the leader will gain a detailed understanding of how others perceive the participant’s strengths and areas of development.
  • Upon gathering all of this data, we will meet with the participant’s sponsor (i.e., manager, senior leadership, team lead) to evaluate the function of their current role as well as the participant’s current performance, baseline behavioral competencies / leadership traits, “perceived” behavioral aptitudes as well as future insight for organizational alignment.
  • The data will result in a comprehensive gap analysis of behavioral competencies that will include the participant’s current job responsibilities and all of the available assessment data. With this combined information we will have comprehensive data to develop a customized Individual Leadership Development Plan (ILDP) to identify and accelerate leadership strengths and address leadership challenges.
Individual Executive Coaching
Step 3

Individual Executive Coaching for Advanced Leadership Performance (3-6 months)

Once the leader’s ILDP has been created and approved by his or her supervisor, a Makarios leadership coach will meet with the leader two times per month for one-hour executive coaching sessions that will focus on (but not be limited to) such areas as:

  • A review of progress against the ILDP. How is the leader doing in changing behaviors to respond to the feedback from his or her 360 report?
  • Analysis of current leadership challenges being faced by the leader and how best to address them in real-time.
  • Developing practical leadership skills such as how to give performance feedback, communication skills, motivational techniques, influencing behaviors, conflict resolution, delegation, team dynamics, time management, etc.
  • Identifying potential “leadership derailers” and putting a plan in place to avoid them.

Regular meetings will be held with the leader’s supervisor to discuss progress against the ILDP. In addition, a second 360 appraisal will be conducted toward the conclusion of the executive coaching sessions to assess the changes in the leader’s behavior over time.

Business Leadership Assessment
Step 4


Upon the completion of the 3-6 month executive coaching process, the leader will be reassessed by retaking the 360 appraisal form Step 1 above. The Makarios Coach will review the results of the 360 with your leader and his / her sponsor to assess if progress has been made in the identified areas of development and discuss any further work that may need to be done.

Benefits of the Makarios Leadership Coaching Process

As a result of the Makarios Executive Coaching Process, the leader will gain the following:

  1. Increased Self-Awareness: The DiSC profile, 360 feedback report, and executive coaching sessions give participants deep insights into their leadership behaviors that are both helping and hindering their attempts to lead others.
  2. New Knowledge: Leaders are exposed to the well-respected, time-tested, and research-verified theories and models of management, leadership, and human dynamics available today.
  3. Practical Tools to Change Leadership Behaviors: Each coaching session provides leaders with practical communication and leadership skills they can begin using immediately to become more effective leaders to drive business results.

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