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Leading on Purpose

Aspiring leaders ask:

Isn’t GOOD LEADERSHIP a character trait? Are some people natural-born LEADERS? Can you LEARN to lead?

Great leaders are MADE, not born.

You can become a leader, but it takes work. Leadership requires a purposeful commitment. Once you commit, you need real tools to get results.


Leadership is not genetic.

Leaders come from all backgrounds. What they have in common is a passion to learn and develop leadership skills.


Leadership is a skill.

You can learn how to be a successful leader. It takes dedication to develop, practice, and continually refine your leadership skills.

Leading on Purpose book

Whether you’re a CEO, supervisor, or manager, you must make a commitment to become a transformational leader. In Leading on Purpose, veteran leadership gurus Tim Thomas and Rip Tilden will guide you through the 8 critical skills you need to become The Complete Leader.

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Stop the random walk. Take your first step on the purposeful journey to leadership.