Tim Thomas and Rip Tilden are Business Management Consultants that offer EOS® Implementation, Leadership Training and Executive Coaching.

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Scrubbing Toilets or Resolving Conflict … Which Do You Prefer?

When leaders rank their responsibilities from “This is my absolute favorite!” to “I would rather scrub toilets than do this” there is one duty you will consistently find at the bottom of the list: resolving conflict. Just like scrubbing toilets, dealing with conflict is a necessary activity and much like scrubbing toilets, it is essential,… Continue reading Scrubbing Toilets or Resolving Conflict … Which Do You Prefer?

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Take your business to the next level by creating an exciting vision, instilling accountability, and building a healthy team.

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Transform your leadership skills by gaining increased self-awareness, new knowledge, and practical tools.

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Eliminate the Random Walk by Leading on Purpose

Take the purposeful walk into leadership with veteran leadership gurus Tim Thomas and Rip Tilden. In their book, Leading on Purpose, Tim and Rip guide you through the 8 critical skills you need to become an effective leader.

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