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Change Isn’t the Problem

It would be easy to assume that “people always resist change.” Say the word “change,” and many people dig in their heels. They like the old, the familiar, the routine and are not enthusiastic about new ideas. For many, “new” is bad by definition. But is new always viewed as bad by employees? Of course … Continue reading Change Isn’t the Problem

Culture by Intention or Culture by Default?

Corporate culture can be created in one of two ways: by intention or by default. The corollary is that if you don’t create a positive corporate culture by intention, you may end up with a negative corporate culture by default. We were once called into a company to help a brand new leader because he … Continue reading Culture by Intention or Culture by Default?

Two Approaches to Executing Change

Let’s assume that a certain change has to take place in your business. What will you do? How will you introduce and execute the change? There are two methods you can use: the Hammer Approach or the Commitment Approach. The method you pick should depend on the kind of change you want to implement. Hammer … Continue reading Two Approaches to Executing Change

Corporate Culture Starts at the Top

“The culture of a company is the behavior of its leaders. Leaders get the behavior  they exhibit and tolerate. You change the culture of the company by changing the behavior of its leaders.” – Larry Bossidy & Ram Charan, Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done   One company’s culture is characterized by blaming, negativity, and disengagement. … Continue reading Corporate Culture Starts at the Top