Leadership Training & Development

Leadership Development

Leadership isn’t what happens at the “top” of a company – it is what happens every day at every level of the organization. Good leaders, from CEOs to line supervisors, provide a constant stream of communication, motivation, guidance, encouragement, and feedback to keep the company energized and on target.

The Complete Leader

“We’re plagued by lack of effective communication. What can we do?”

“I’ve got good people on staff, but nobody’s really engaged. There’s no energy, no accountability, no sense of urgency.”

“We recently promoted a group of outstanding performers to be managers. They are really good technically, but they have no idea how to manage people!”

“I want to reach the next level as a leader. I want to achieve the best – personally and for my company.”

Leadership Training

At Makarios Consulting, we empower your executives, managers, and supervisors to produce extraordinary results by providing results-oriented leadership training and executive coaching that:

  • Transforms how leaders view themselves, their talents and their skills;
  • Assists leaders in overcoming behaviors that can derail them;
  • Develops leaders’ ability to create an exciting vision for their organizations that will attract others in the quest for shared aspirations;
  • Challenges leaders to courageously confront the status quo to seek alternative methods to create lasting change;
  • Provides leaders with tools to empower their followers to achieve greatness; and
  • Gives leaders the skills necessary to act collaboratively to integrate organizational success and employee satisfaction.

Our full range of leadership training & development services includes:

The Complete Leader

Our most transformative program for leaders is The Complete Leader. This is a comprehensive leadership training experience that covers motivational skills, communication techniques, conflict management, change management, and more.

Business Surveys & Appraisals

Our survey and appraisal software dramatically improves your ability to make wise business decisions as you gather essential data from 360° feedback appraisals, team development appraisals, skill assessments, organizational climate surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, and training needs surveys.

Situational Leadership®

Makarios Consulting is certified in the Situational Leadership® Model – the most widely used leadership training model in the world. Situational Leadership® helps create alignment of goals and tasks for both the leader and team members, trains leaders in talent acquisition and management, and demonstrates how to truly leverage performance.

DiSC® Personality Assessment for Leadership

The DiSC® Personality Assessment helps participants increase their self-awareness, enhance their communication skills, build effective teams, improve problem-solving and decision-making, and better resolve conflict situations. The assessment is an integral component of leadership development, first by helping leaders understand themselves and then by enabling them to make the most of differences in others.

Additional Leadership Training Workshops and Seminars

Have a particular leadership training need you want to address in a half-day, full-day, or multi-day seminar or workshop? We offer a wide range of topics, all custom-tailored to your needs!