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Month: August 2023

A man and woman in a work setting-having a conflict.

VOMP Your Way Out of a Conflict

Conflict is challenging, tiring, and frustrating. It’s also unavoidable. As a leader, you may experience more than your fair share of conflict situations. Knowing how to resolve them is critical to not only peace within your business, but to the ongoing productivity of your business. Fortunately, the VOMP model, created by Crosby Kerr Minno Consulting,… Continue reading VOMP Your Way Out of a Conflict

Rocket ship taking off from earth into space

Go Do the Future!

Visionaries in business have an endless supply of creative, innovative ideas. They overflow with energy and drive. The future lies before them in all its glory and they want to be the first to get there. With such tremendous talents, Visionaries often found or own companies. So far, so good. But what about daily operations?… Continue reading Go Do the Future!