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a group playing tug of war

Conflict Can Break – or Make – Your Business

Do you define conflict in the workplace with incidents of hostility, simmering resentment, or words spoken in anger?  Some talk about verbal “arm-wrestling” in the conference room where the opponents are also close colleagues, or ferocious disagreements that produce outstanding new approaches and ideas. All of these can accurately be described as conflict situations; the… Continue reading Conflict Can Break – or Make – Your Business

Black and white photo of scrubbing a toilet

Scrubbing Toilets or Resolving Conflict … Which Do You Prefer?

When leaders rank their responsibilities from “This is my absolute favorite!” to “I would rather scrub toilets than do this” there is one duty you will consistently find at the bottom of the list: resolving conflict. Just like scrubbing toilets, dealing with conflict is a necessary activity and much like scrubbing toilets, it is essential,… Continue reading Scrubbing Toilets or Resolving Conflict … Which Do You Prefer?

A man and woman in a work setting-having a conflict.

VOMP Your Way Out of a Conflict

Conflict is challenging, tiring, and frustrating. It’s also unavoidable. As a leader, you may experience more than your fair share of conflict situations. Knowing how to resolve them is critical to not only peace within your business, but to the ongoing productivity of your business. Fortunately, the VOMP model, created by Crosby Kerr Minno Consulting,… Continue reading VOMP Your Way Out of a Conflict

No Problem Too Big, No Problem Too Small

Picture, if you will, a business. The clients are well-satisfied: they are receiving a good product, good service, and good quality. Since all that is good, the business is healthy, correct? Not necessarily. Out of sight of the clients, unresolved relationship issues are working slow destruction day after day. Let’s go “under the hood” of… Continue reading No Problem Too Big, No Problem Too Small

Unhealthy conflict in the workplace. Image of two men yelling at each other.

Undoing Unhealthy Conflict

So, you’ve got unhealthy conflict in the workplace. You’re not alone. You’re not alone in having serious disagreements with colleagues or team members. You’re not alone when you candidly don’t know how or why things got to their current state of affairs. You’re not alone in feeling personally attacked … and perhaps in attacking the… Continue reading Undoing Unhealthy Conflict

toxic leadership

Toxicity Is Not Okay

Company offices can readily turn into interpersonal battlegrounds. Verbal grenades explode one after the other – undercutting, demeaning, belittling, attacking, insulting, and destroying team members. In consequence, work does not get done and forward progress stalls, damaging the business. How does this happen? Particularly when the people involved are capable, competent individuals? An antagonistic culture… Continue reading Toxicity Is Not Okay