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Top Ten Time Wasters Organizations face

Top Ten Time Wasters
With Thanks to Wendy Hearn

Reading Wendy Hearn’s Coaching blog recently on the Top Ten Time Wasters in companies, it points out the ways leaders as well as staff members can get stalled in the growth of the organization To read Wendy’s list go here: The “list” is hers…the comments are mine.

  1. Lack of planning, prioritizing and focus: drifting along without identifying and achieving quarterly Rocks…the things that MUST get done that quarter will certainly cause this problem to eat into your time and profits
  2. Procrastination: Identifying, and solving your Issues List in a timely manner will help, but you also should identify the top three, solve those issues and then move onto the next three. It helps break apart long lists of problems into smaller…solvable issues.
  3. Interruptions: For me, this is part of your Rocks solution. If you focus on the critical Rocks and let everything else go to others for their resolution, you’ll accomplish what we call Delegate and Elevate to your core talents. Don’t let anything get in the way.
  4. Delegation: speaking of Delegate and Elevate…if you spend the majority of your time in areas where you are not effective, or don’t have the capacity to complete, then it’s time to delegate that to someone who is eager to take on that task or accountability. DO IT…it will free up your time to focus on the important things you’re good at doing.
  5. Meetings: I wrote an earlier blog call Meeting’s Stink. Simply put, we encourage companies to utilize a Level 10 Meeting Pulse that makes meeting productive and enjoyable. Nuff said!
  6. Crisis Management: let’s face it, stuff happens when you least expect it. Don’t panic. Make it an identifiable Issue for you and your leadership to solve during your regular Level 10 Meetings. Solving a crisis quickly is rarely the best way to set yourself on the right path. Make sure you identify the CORE of the issue…and solve that, not the symptom.
  7. Telephone, email and Internet: who doesn’t know that! Deal with the critical ones, let your assistant (if you’re lucky enough to have one) handle the less critical ones.
  8. Not saying NO: your team wants leadership to make decisions. NO is a decision too. When presented with external “Shiny Stuff” that poses a threat to your core vision and values…make sure you say NO. It will help you stay on your growth tract.
  9. Lack of Organization and Tidiness: We like to call “organization” a much better tem…Accountability. Assigning the right accountability to the right people will ensure the organization will have the Right People…in the Right Seats for success. Make sure everyone on the team knows what they are accountable for, and how they will be measured. It will clarify everything.
  10. Not enough time-off or time for yourself: great leaders need to take what we call Clarity Breaks. They help you get centered on what is important. And…using the EOS® Process will almost certainly create an environment and system that will allow you to “let go” and take time for yourself and your family. When you’ve Hit The Ceiling…it might be a good time for a Clarity Break.

Loved your list Wendy…thanks for publishing it. Now that we’ve suggested solutions, let me know if you need some additional guidance.