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Overt and Covert Resistance to Change

When people object to change – or, more accurately, the chaos that change brings – their objection can take two forms: overt resistance and covert resistance. Overt resistance may or may not be verbal, but it is always obvious. You can see it in people’s body language, their facial expressions, and in what they say … Continue reading Overt and Covert Resistance to Change

8 Reasons People Resist Change

It is a common belief that people always resist change. That is not entirely accurate. After all, if a change is positive, such as receiving a 10% raise, people can be all for it! It is more accurate to say that people resist the chaos that change brings. Such resistance is normal, it is natural, … Continue reading 8 Reasons People Resist Change

Why You Must Confront Toxic Superstars

You’ve met toxic superstars. He’s the killer developer, spinning out innovative code that generates big-time bucks for the business – but he’s arrogant, cocky, and entitled to the nth degree. She’s the account rep who uses her highly advanced persuasion skills with prospects and effortlessly breaks every sales goal – but she treats her co-workers … Continue reading Why You Must Confront Toxic Superstars

Right People, Right Seats

A key ingredient in the recipe for business success is to have the right people in the right seats. That is, you want people who are aligned with your core values – the right people – and you want them in positions where they are effective and working at a very high level – the … Continue reading Right People, Right Seats