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Confronting Reluctant Leader Syndrome

You’re a leader with a leadership gap on your team. Fortunately, you have just the person in mind to fill that seat. The team member you want to promote is a strong individual contributor. He has been managing complex projects and initiatives successfully for several years. His two direct reports think the world of him.… Continue reading Confronting Reluctant Leader Syndrome

hybrid workplace

The Impact of the Hybrid Office on Core Values

The hybrid office is much in the news today. There is a lot of talk about technologies and policies that can help optimize the post-pandemic work environment. Those are good discussions and necessary decisions, but something is at stake that is not being addressed nearly enough: the impact of the hybrid office on a company’s… Continue reading The Impact of the Hybrid Office on Core Values


A Leader’s #1 Task: Replicate Yourself!

Leaders not infrequently come to us with the complaint, “I’m the only one around here who thinks strategically. I’m the only one coming up with new ideas and innovations. I am so frustrated!” Believe us, that frustration is shared by those leaders’ followers … because the root of the issue does not lie in the… Continue reading A Leader’s #1 Task: Replicate Yourself!

leadership delegation

Putting an End to “Swoop and Snatch” Delegation

Delegation can be a leader’s best friend. When you delegate, you grow because you give yourself the time and opportunity to focus on higher-value activities that can have a greater impact for the firm. The person you delegate to also grows as they gain experience and expertise to take on new responsibilities. Yet, despite these… Continue reading Putting an End to “Swoop and Snatch” Delegation

clear, direct leadership

A Lack of Clarity Gets a Lack of Results

Picture in your mind’s eye: you are sitting in a team meeting. One of your team members is not hitting the mark. As the leader, you need to tell him … but you waffle. You don’t want to hurt his feelings, so you use circumlocutions. You don’t want tempers to rise, so you water down… Continue reading A Lack of Clarity Gets a Lack of Results

fear culture workplace

Detecting a Culture of Fear

I (Tim) recall hearing about a leader who, when asked what his management style was, stated without apology, “Fear.” He purposefully and aggressively worked to instill fear in his people, believing that if they were afraid of him they would work better. You are likely repulsed by the thought of such a “leadership style,” and… Continue reading Detecting a Culture of Fear