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Month: January 2023

Unhealthy conflict in the workplace. Image of two men yelling at each other.

Undoing Unhealthy Conflict

So, you’ve got unhealthy conflict in the workplace. You’re not alone. You’re not alone in having serious disagreements with colleagues or team members. You’re not alone when you candidly don’t know how or why things got to their current state of affairs. You’re not alone in feeling personally attacked … and perhaps in attacking the… Continue reading Undoing Unhealthy Conflict

A photo of a chess game in a difficult move. Addressing problems of poor performance or bad behavior requires leadership courage.

Make the Decision to Start the New Year Right

Today, you as a leader may be thinking about one person on your team who just isn’t measuring up. Maybe it’s how they relate to other people – pure, plain toxicity. Perhaps it is their work – or lack of it. It could be their approach – such as a failure to conform to the… Continue reading Make the Decision to Start the New Year Right