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Business Consulting Firms Offer Tips For Resolving Workplace Conflict

workplace conflict

Occasional workplace conflict is inevitable for any sized business, but there are times when disagreements between coworkers can lead to major problems that interfere with production and create a difficult work environment for everyone. Business consulting firms work regularly with all kinds of personalities and have developed some simple techniques managers can use to help employees resolve those conflicts.

Managers Expend A Lot Of Time Dealing With Anger Issues

Studies done by universities and think tanks over the years have discovered that business managers in nearly all industries spend anywhere from 25% to 50% of their time dealing with employee anger or mediating employee conflicts. Just imagine how much more productive your managers could be if they didn’t have to spend time on conflict resolution.

Interpersonal Conflicts Can Create A Difficult Work Environment

Unfortunately, most people stew for long periods of time over an issue, assuming that their supervisor or manager will somehow be able to read their minds. When this doesn’t happen, resentment and tempers can flare. Eventually, interpersonal conflicts can lead to passive-aggressive behavior, sabotage of coworkers’ efforts or avoidance of assignments. Business consulting firms have developed techniques to help employees resolve these conflicts and avoid creating an unpleasant atmosphere.

Teach Your Employees Conflict Resolution Skills

There are some simple steps anyone can take to quickly overcome workplace conflicts:

  • Assess the situation and determine what the issues are for each individual.
  • Address the issues. Each person should clearly state their feelings and concerns directly to the others involved. You may discover that one or more of the people involved has been working under a misconception about the issue at hand.
  • Resolve the issue in a manner that is satisfactory to everyone, using input from each person involved.

If you are interested in offering conflict resolution skills to your staff and management, consider partnering with a business consulting firm like Makarios Consulting. We can help you develop a plan that will keep your employees in a healthy and cooperative work environment for the long term.

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