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Effective Listening — A Business Person’s New Year’s Resolution

There is a wonderful Christmas hymn titled “Do You Hear What I Hear?” that I have loved since I was young.  The hymn reminds us that, if we listen closely, we can hear a song in the trees announcing the birth of the Christ child.  I thought of that hymn this week as I considered… Continue reading Effective Listening — A Business Person’s New Year’s Resolution

Connecting the Dots

Though business can be a lot of fun I confess that I also love the networking involved.  To some extent networking involves problem-solving as much as consulting does, but the rewards are different.  Some people network for jobs, some for business, some for the pleasure of a new and unexpected connection.  I like matching one… Continue reading Connecting the Dots

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Lessons From a Geezer

DO I NEED TO TRUST YOU TO BUILD THE BUSINESS? There seems to be a lot of discussion lately around the topic of “Trust.” It ranges from trusting our government to do the right thing, to trusting our kids to take responsibility for their actions. But what does “trust” have to do with business results?… Continue reading Lessons From a Geezer

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Popping the Question

A prospect recently asked me the grandaddy of all challenges: “How can you help us if you don’t know our business?” It’s a reasonable and frequent question and I answered it as I always do: I don’t presume to understand your business better than you do, but I have helped many companies struggling with similar… Continue reading Popping the Question

Meetings Stink!

Ah…the dreaded Monday morning leadership team meeting looms each week as something most people hate.  No one can blame them.  Most of these meetings consist of discussions of the same problems that have limited progress for many months or even years.  But it’s generally not the problems themselves that limit growth, but the meetings. Our… Continue reading Meetings Stink!

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Keeping Strategy Off Culture’s Menu

I recently finished reading Paul Ingrassia’s Crash Course: The American Automobile Industry’s Road from Glory to Disaster and was struck by this passage: In late January [2006], [CEO] Bill Ford announced a corporate overhaul called “The Way Forward,” under which Ford would close factories and shed tens of thousands of employees, both salaried and hourly.… Continue reading Keeping Strategy Off Culture’s Menu