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Developing True Consistent Leaders

So often I am approached with the question, “So you were a college coach… that must have been so exciting?” Or what was it like to coach in the NCAA Tournament against Coach K or Jay Wright? Sometimes the conversation develops to the point where I am asked, “What is the biggest challenge in coaching… Continue reading Developing True Consistent Leaders

Is your workplace civil?

Is your workplace civil? I am pretty sure that you are nodding your head to that question. After all, you are civil – polite, cooperative, a team player. Willing to share your expertise. Friendly to coworkers. You hold the door for people entering behind you. You clean up after yourself in the company kitchen. And… Continue reading Is your workplace civil?

Are You Half Full?

Now that the lazy days of summer have come to an end I see some people exuding a rather melancholy state of mind.  Whether it’s the start of school with the busy schedules it includes, the shorter daylight hours and the prospect of long, cold winter nights, or the thought of a stretch of many… Continue reading Are You Half Full?

Did He Really Say THAT?

Did He Really Say THAT? I attended a professional meeting recently. The audience consisted of Human Resource professionals, most of them in their 40s and 50s. The guest speaker was a bit younger. He was speaking on the subject of succession planning. He had some good ideas and made some interesting points. But no one… Continue reading Did He Really Say THAT?

State Your Niche

While driving through the state border between Pennsylvania and Delaware I noticed something interesting.  On the sign welcoming travelers to Delaware there are a number of what I would call catch phrases describing the tiny State.  I assume they are there to invite tourism and commerce.  On this one single sign I saw the following: … Continue reading State Your Niche