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Do You Hear Me?

Listening well is the essential first step to effective communication. If we truly hear what others are saying, we are communicating effectively and connecting to those around us. How many times have we thought we communicated effectively with someone, only to find out they didn’t hear a word we said? We might think we’ve communicated … Continue reading Do You Hear Me?

Leadership Skills: Random vs. Purposeful

Most of us learn to lead in a very random fashion. We learn from the people around us in our careers, and we generally have little or no control over the great majority of people we are exposed to in our work. If we are lucky enough to work with strong, effective leaders, we learn … Continue reading Leadership Skills: Random vs. Purposeful

Control? Meet Freak

Control is a particularly insidious form of HeadTrash that we’ve all encountered. Whether it’s the rigid rules our parents imposed on us, a spouse’s insistence that they alone manage the household finances, or a micromanaging boss, being subject to another person’s controlling behavior breeds resentment and conflict. No wonder the word “control” is often linked … Continue reading Control? Meet Freak

Paranoia: Destroyer of Trust

Sometimes in life you discover that you were left out of a meeting or event with friends, loved ones, or co-workers. If you’re like most of us, you might briefly wonder why you weren’t included, but then quickly dismiss it from your mind. But, if you’re not careful, a reasonable reaction to a random event … Continue reading Paranoia: Destroyer of Trust

Analysis Paralysis: How Insecurity Hampers Productivity

Have you ever worked for an organization whose culture is burdened by “analysis paralysis”? Where every task is met with requests for additional research to justify the initiative to someone further up the chain?  Deadlines are missed, discussions are circular, and productivity grinds to a halt. The culprit just might be the HeadTrash of Insecurity. … Continue reading Analysis Paralysis: How Insecurity Hampers Productivity

Guilt Trip

One journey we’ve all gone on at one time or another in life is the guilt trip.  It’s a road to perdition that we usually travel unwillingly, driven by a friend, relative, or co-worker who manipulates our emotions so that we do their bidding.  Falling for this classic HeadTrash behavior more than once is a … Continue reading Guilt Trip