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Right People, Right Seats

A key ingredient in the recipe for business success is to have the right people in the right seats. That is, you want people who are aligned with your core values – the right people – and you want them in positions where they are effective and working at a very high level – the … Continue reading Right People, Right Seats

Driving Energy with Accountability

For too many people in the corporate world, “accountability” is a loaded word: loaded, that is, with negative baggage. It conjures up images of bosses who speak sternly to those of lower rank, holding some shortcoming over their heads. For this reason, the thought of “accountability” makes many people cringe. This, however, is not a … Continue reading Driving Energy with Accountability

Assume Nothing: Start Talking!

Assumption (noun): a thing that is accepted as true or as certain to happen, without proof –Oxford Dictionary Every day we make assumptions in life. About someone’s intentions. About what we think people expect. And we’re usually wrong. In the workplace, making assumptions instead of clearly communicating often causes unnecessary strife and resentment among colleagues. … Continue reading Assume Nothing: Start Talking!

The Big Talk: When All Else Fails

You’ve tried to set boundaries. You’ve proposed potential solutions and workarounds. But the Micromanager is still, well, micromanaging. Before you write that resignation letter or – we don’t recommend this – quit on the spot, we suggest you try a few additional options. Every situation is different. Maybe you’re in your dream company in a … Continue reading The Big Talk: When All Else Fails

Manage the Micromanager: The Art of Managing ‘Up’

Micromanagers are the worst. Don’t take our word for it: 60% of employees surveyed in the 2017 State of the American Workplace report said they can’t do their job because their boss is too busy doing it for them. This according to a recent Forbes article written by Navalent Managing Partner Ron Carucci on how … Continue reading Manage the Micromanager: The Art of Managing ‘Up’