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Month: June 2019

Watch Out! What You’ve Got Is Contagious

No, we’re not talking about a virus or a cold – we’re talking about your attitude. As a leader, your attitude is contagious. It will “infect” your team with every word you say and every action you take. Your very presence will transmit it to those around you. The question then becomes, what attitude are… Continue reading Watch Out! What You’ve Got Is Contagious

Two Pilots. Two Delays. Two Very Different Outcomes.

Sometimes, the universe conspires to make a point – and it does so with a clarity that borders on the incredible. In my case, the universe recently put two parallel experiences in front of me that perfectly captured the power and importance of communication for leaders. I can assure you that these two stories will… Continue reading Two Pilots. Two Delays. Two Very Different Outcomes.

People Know

People know. Too often, leaders forget that simple fact. They try to create an image that will impress their employees, their colleagues, their customers, and their vendors. But if that image doesn’t jive with reality, they aren’t fooling anyone. Because the fact is, people know. For example, take the team where one member is not… Continue reading People Know

Motivation Is an Inside Job

Who owns employee motivation? It’s a good question and an easy one to get wrong because there is a fine line between encouraging employee motivation and owning employee motivation. In our leadership training, we make the point that the leader’s job is to create an environment that sets the stage for team members to be… Continue reading Motivation Is an Inside Job