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Month: May 2021

leadership and emotional intelligence

Managing the Moment from the Inside Out

Travis Bradberry, author of the bestselling book Emotional Intelligence 2.0, reports that 83 percent of people with high self-awareness are top performers, while only 2 percent of bottom performers display this trait. Why are self-aware people top performers? In large part because they channel that self-awareness into self-management: effectively managing their emotional reactions to situations,… Continue reading Managing the Moment from the Inside Out

emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence Begins With “I”

In our decades of experience working with leaders, we have observed that a core characteristic of great leaders is their highly-tuned sense of self-awareness. A leader who is self-aware plays to his or her strengths and is not blindsided by his or her limitations. In the emotional realm, self-awareness is one of the building blocks… Continue reading Emotional Intelligence Begins With “I”