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A man and woman in a work setting-having a conflict.

VOMP Your Way Out of a Conflict

Conflict is challenging, tiring, and frustrating. It’s also unavoidable. As a leader, you may experience more than your fair share of conflict situations. Knowing how to resolve them is critical to not only peace within your business, but to the ongoing productivity of your business. Fortunately, the VOMP model, created by Crosby Kerr Minno Consulting,… Continue reading VOMP Your Way Out of a Conflict

Rocket ship taking off from earth into space

Go Do the Future!

Visionaries in business have an endless supply of creative, innovative ideas. They overflow with energy and drive. The future lies before them in all its glory and they want to be the first to get there. With such tremendous talents, Visionaries often found or own companies. So far, so good. But what about daily operations?… Continue reading Go Do the Future!

Black women's work shoes with a small heal in the sand on a beach in the foreground and bare feet running toward the ocean in the distance, out of focus.

Go Beyond Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is good, but is it the best we can achieve? The very phrase of work-life balance conjures images of tension: two teams in a perpetual tug-of-war. A delicate scale needing precisely equal weights to maintain equilibrium. A tightrope walker making constant slight shifts to stay upright. Is that the way you want to… Continue reading Go Beyond Work-Life Balance

A road with a yellow left turn road sign indicating a left turn ahead on the road

4 Keys to Achieving a Successful Pivot in Business

Pivoting in business is a difficult decision for leaders. Pivoting at the wrong time or in the wrong way can be, in a word, disastrous. On the other hand, pivoting at the right time in the right way can inject tremendous energy into a business, propelling the company upward with terrific thrust. One of our… Continue reading 4 Keys to Achieving a Successful Pivot in Business

A man in a suit and tie presents his employee with a trophy to a clapping audience to congratulate the award recipient for a job well done.

Leadership Challenge: Make Encouragement Your Business

Early in my career, I (Rip) worked for a very demanding boss. I do not say this in a negative sense of the word. Rather, he was tough in that he had very high standards and expected a high level of performance from everyone on his team. When he praised you, you knew you had… Continue reading Leadership Challenge: Make Encouragement Your Business

Leadership Challenge: Empower Employees for Extraordinary Results

Do you want dependent employees … or enabled employees? To phrase it another way, do you prefer your team members to wait for your direction and instruction before taking action (any action)? Or, do you get excited when your employees grab hold of the company’s vision, goals, and objectives with both hands and get the… Continue reading Leadership Challenge: Empower Employees for Extraordinary Results