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Did He Really Say THAT?

Did He Really Say THAT? I attended a professional meeting recently. The audience consisted of Human Resource professionals, most of them in their 40s and 50s. The guest speaker was a bit younger. He was speaking on the subject of succession planning. He had some good ideas and made some interesting points. But no one… Continue reading Did He Really Say THAT?

State Your Niche

While driving through the state border between Pennsylvania and Delaware I noticed something interesting.  On the sign welcoming travelers to Delaware there are a number of what I would call catch phrases describing the tiny State.  I assume they are there to invite tourism and commerce.  On this one single sign I saw the following: … Continue reading State Your Niche

The Cash Crunch — An Elephant in the Room

My friend looked at me with a smile and beamed about her business’s results for the past 6 months.  “Look at the turnaround,” she said.  “We are well into the black for the first time all year thanks to cost controls and our hard work to collect from our customers.”  She had every right to… Continue reading The Cash Crunch — An Elephant in the Room

Failure – Anchor Or Educator?

Show me someone who’s had no failure and I’ll show you someone who’s less than honest with themselves.  I certainly have had my fair share of failures.  For instance, for some crazy reason I thought it would be a peachy idea to go out for the volleyball team my first year of college.  Now mind… Continue reading Failure – Anchor Or Educator?

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