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Lessons From a Geezer

DO I NEED TO TRUST YOU TO BUILD THE BUSINESS? There seems to be a lot of discussion lately around the topic of “Trust.” It ranges from trusting our government to do the right thing, to trusting our kids to take responsibility for their actions. But what does “trust” have to do with business results?… Continue reading Lessons From a Geezer

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Popping the Question

A prospect recently asked me the grandaddy of all challenges: “How can you help us if you don’t know our business?” It’s a reasonable and frequent question and I answered it as I always do: I don’t presume to understand your business better than you do, but I have helped many companies struggling with similar… Continue reading Popping the Question

Own the Parking Lot–Customer Service Your Customers Will Love

Disney has it right…they know something about customer service we can all learn from, and copy.  The company’s executives tell a great story about customer service from the early days of their Orlando, FL, theme park, Disney World.  When they opened the park in the 1970s, they were passionately committed to making the experience memorable… Continue reading Own the Parking Lot–Customer Service Your Customers Will Love

Leadership Lessons from the Hair Salon – Part II

As I shared in my blog post of August 16, I am amazed at the number of leadership lessons I run into while I am getting my monthly hair cut! Visits to the local hair salon have produced wonderful examples of how leaders should and should not behave as they attempt to get the most… Continue reading Leadership Lessons from the Hair Salon – Part II

Meetings Stink!

Ah…the dreaded Monday morning leadership team meeting looms each week as something most people hate.  No one can blame them.  Most of these meetings consist of discussions of the same problems that have limited progress for many months or even years.  But it’s generally not the problems themselves that limit growth, but the meetings. Our… Continue reading Meetings Stink!

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