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The Complete Leader

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Effective Leadership: Style Really Does Matter

As a leader, you will be confronted with diverse situations in the work environment, driving you to respond with very different leadership styles. Some will be comfortable and natural to you, and some will make you stretch.

Effective Leadership: Rejecting the Status Quo

Effective leaders consistently seek out new and innovative ways to accomplish work. They push the envelope in their undying quest for continual improvement, living by the adage, “If it’s not broke, break it!”

Effective Leadership: Power Shift

Leadership doesn’t happen in a vacuum. True leaders recognize that success in business is never the result of one man or woman’s efforts or exclusive direction: that is the dictator principle. Instead, success is dependent upon the leader surrounding himself or herself with strong and capable followers: a very positive power shift.

Four Barriers to Effective Communication

Good communication gives rise to employee motivation, employee satisfaction, and increased productivity. So why does communication so often go wrong? Here are the top four reasons for breakdowns in communication!

Appreciating Employee Differences

Great managers pay attention to the small, subtle differences in employees’ motivations, needs, goals, and styles and use this information to guide them in bringing the best out of each employee. Here’s how!

The Top 10 Benefits of Leadership Coaching

Effective leadership coaches have tools and techniques at their disposal to help you maximize your time and minimize your frustration. Here are the top 10 benefits you can expect when you work with a great leadership coach!

When to Create Teams

We throw around the word “team” a lot in business. But it is important to understand exactly what a team is so that we can create truly productive and dynamic teams that can transform our organizations.