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Strategizing Superior Performance

Imagine hiking into the forest without a compass, a map, or even a flashlight. Sure, you may be familiar with the trees and animals, and even the general direction of your destination. But, you will be hard-pressed to reach your destination without the necessary tools. As a leader, trying to gain success without a comprehensive… Continue reading Strategizing Superior Performance

Collaborative Leadership: Take Baby Steps

Last week, we discussed the pros and cons of the five main styles of leadership: Bureaucratic, Supportive, Directive, Traditional, and Collaborative. We made the case that collaborative leadership offers the most positive benefit to both companies and staff. And so the next logical question becomes, “How do you adopt a collaborative leadership style?” Step one… Continue reading Collaborative Leadership: Take Baby Steps

Personal vs. Positional Power

You’re the boss.  You have the title, the responsibilities…and the unlimited power that comes with being the boss, right?  Wrong.  Two types of power go along with a leadership role: positional and personal. Positional power is an automatic gain; you have certain abilities and authority that are guaranteed while you retain your position; personal power… Continue reading Personal vs. Positional Power

Leaders Are Made Not Born

Consider the facts: new leaders rarely get the training they need to manage people. Instead, what they get is “Congratulations!  You’re promoted!  Good luck!”  This is a serious problem.  Most of the leaders who quit, are demoted, or are asked to leave a company do so because they lack people skills. The problem is not… Continue reading Leaders Are Made Not Born

Building a Marketing Strategy that Works with the Help of Small Business Consulting Services

Is there ever a time when a company doesn’t benefit from the help of small business consulting services? The short answer—no. Social media giant Facebook recently provided a great example of how businesses of any size benefit from ongoing assistance when it comes to strategy. Despite its historic success, Facebook was not doing so great… Continue reading Building a Marketing Strategy that Works with the Help of Small Business Consulting Services