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No “one” works for you, they ALL work for you

There’s a big difference between being happy to have a job and being happy while on the job. A recent ABC news report by the KFSN station in Fresno, Calif. states that a CareerBuilder survey found that 80 percent of employees would quit their current jobs if they could or are actively looking for a new job. This means that under the right circumstances, many companies are at risk of losing the majority of their workforce to greener pastures. Realizing the importance of employee retention, big companies like New Balance are implementing new employee engagement programs designed to help them hold on to one of their largest stakeholders. Employee engagement isn’t just a practice for large organizations; smaller organizations can help their workers reach their full potential with the help of small business consulting services.

About Employee Engagement

A manager who engages his or her employees takes the focus off him or herself and eliminates the “you-work-for-me” mentality. When a supervisor sees and treats all the employees as an integral part of a team that works toward the same goal, workers begin to develop a sense of ownership and loyalty. Employees who are viewed as part of a team no longer have individual labels, such as “the guy in accounting,” “my secretary,” “the tech person” and so on. Engaged employees feel important and appreciated, and show up to work with a purpose. A small business consulting service can help an organization shift its organizational development so employees have a sense of dedication and pride.

Benefits of Employee Engagement

When employees are engaged, they share thought patterns and behaviors that promote increased engagement and contributions. Other benefits include:

  • Increased participation in relational activities
  • Customized professional experiences
  • Talent development within the organization
  • Self-directed learning
  • Positive risk taking
  • Purpose-driven employee actions that benefit the organization
  • Improved communication
  • Development of meaningful, intrinsic rewards
  • Employee alignment with the organization’s vision and goals
  • Improved customer service and satisfaction
  • Increased trust in supervisors
  • Employee-to-employee motivation
  • Increased productivity
  • Higher employee retention rates
  • Increased financial savings due to lower new-employee training costs

Employee engagement, going from “one” to “they,” can be difficult because the reciprocation is a choice and a state of mind. Small business consulting professionals can help managers identify and eliminate roadblocks within their organization with the objective of building a highly engaged team that works in a culture of excellence. If you’re looking for a small business consulting firm, please call 610-380-8735 or complete our online contact form.