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How small business consulting services can help companies empower employees

An article in the Calgary Heralddiscusses how local businesses are using enterprise mobility (integrating the capabilities of smart phones) to empower employees who don’t work in an office setting, like construction workers. While using the latest technologies can assist with employee engagement and empowerment, this may not be an evergreen solution because technologies rapidly change. Small business consulting services can work with your management team and workers to help implement time-tested employee empowerment solutions that bring out the best in your staff.

Using Small Business Consulting Services for Employee Empowerment

Empowerment is more than just motivation. It’s about making another person feel valued so you can earn their commitment. If you have problems crossing the bridge between motivation and empowerment, small business consulting services can help. Here’s how:

  • Learn to be more open-minded: Involving employees in different aspects of a company can go a long way towards empowering them. While it’s difficult for some managers to let go of their controls, small business consultants can help them loosen their leashes and allow employees to be part of company decisions within a defined scope. Letting employees think independently to help the company yields greater productivity and trust.
  • Discover ways to involve employees in planning processes: By taking an active role in goal setting and various planning processes, employees become empowered and learn about their competencies and limitations. Small business consultants can help management teams integrate worker input regarding realistic goals and creative decision-making. When employees are part of a company’s planning process, they feel as if their input matters to the bottom line and take ownership of established goals.
  • Find new ways to offer praise freely: In many companies, employees only know about their performance rates during their yearly evaluations. Small business consulting services teach managers to use praise as a support tool and as a guide that acknowledges accomplishments and encourages positive risk-taking. When employees know they’re doing well, they’ll continually repeat the positive behaviors and be willing to take on new challenges.
  • Learn to foster employee growth: When employees have the necessary support, tools and training, they excel in their roles and feel valued. A business consulting firm can help a company set up employee assistance and support systems that enhance worker performance, as well as identify training opportunities that reinforce and go beyond the introductory training received.

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