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actions speak louder than words

What You Do Speaks Volumes

As a leader, what you do matters – more than you might imagine. Your colleagues, your team, and your direct reports are all paying attention to what you say and do. When your words and behaviors are in alignment, people view you as a person of integrity and will give you their absolute best. If… Continue reading What You Do Speaks Volumes

Leadership Courage Part 6: Building Trust

At first glance, building trust does not seem like it would require leadership courage. Yet, it does. Here is why: trust, at its core, is a combination of competence, integrity, and empathy. Competence is necessary because to be a trustworthy leader your followers need to know that you know what you are doing. Integrity is… Continue reading Leadership Courage Part 6: Building Trust

Personal vs. Positional Power

You’re the boss.  You have the title, the responsibilities…and the unlimited power that comes with being the boss, right?  Wrong.  Two types of power go along with a leadership role: positional and personal. Positional power is an automatic gain; you have certain abilities and authority that are guaranteed while you retain your position; personal power… Continue reading Personal vs. Positional Power

It’s Always Been a Matter of Trust

In our work with leaders around the globe we continually emphasize how crucial it is for leaders to build trust with their followers. Without trust, leaders are unable to build strong relationships, keep followers engaged, or establish a shared vision for the future. In a recent employee survey we conducted for one of our clients,… Continue reading It’s Always Been a Matter of Trust