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You Don’t Need to Fix Every Problem

by Rip Tilden I’m a slow learner. I admit it. It only took me 20 years of marriage to learn that my wife doesn’t always need me to fix a problem. She just needs me to listen. This was a tough lesson for me. If she had an issue at work or with a family … Continue reading You Don’t Need to Fix Every Problem

Do You Hear Me?

Listening well is the essential first step to effective communication. If we truly hear what others are saying, we are communicating effectively and connecting to those around us. How many times have we thought we communicated effectively with someone, only to find out they didn’t hear a word we said? We might think we’ve communicated … Continue reading Do You Hear Me?

Are You Listening…Well!

Good listening skills will increase the amount of effective feedback leaders get from their employees and team members. Unfortunately, pure listening – really listening and hearing – is not an easy task. We engage in four types of listening, but only one of these really opens the communication floodgates: Physical Listening: Here, we are physically … Continue reading Are You Listening…Well!