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Month: May 2015

It’s Always Been a Matter of Trust

In our work with leaders around the globe we continually emphasize how crucial it is for leaders to build trust with their followers. Without trust, leaders are unable to build strong relationships, keep followers engaged, or establish a shared vision for the future. In a recent employee survey we conducted for one of our clients,… Continue reading It’s Always Been a Matter of Trust

Take Off Your Rose-Colored Glasses

  We see what we want to see. We’ve all heard that phrase and it applies especially to leaders in business. For a business to be successful – and remain successful – we as leaders must make sure to avoid falling into a complacent mindset. When business is improving, it becomes especially easy to convince… Continue reading Take Off Your Rose-Colored Glasses

Who’s the Adult Here?

  Last week, we touched on the sometimes-dysfunctional dynamics of family businesses and the importance of maintaining professional relationships in the workplace. In non-family businesses, we often discover similar challenges, especially as they relate to interactions between employees and their direct supervisors. One interesting theory used to examine workplace interactions comes from psychiatrist Dr. Eric… Continue reading Who’s the Adult Here?