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Business Consulting Firms—Removing Barriers to Effective Communication

In the business world, a communication blunder can cost you customers, hurt your relationships with key suppliers and your employees. Citigroup, Inc. recently lost an important shareholder vote, and board chair Richard Parsons blamed poor communication for the company’s failure to secure shareholder approval. With the assistance of business consulting firms, companies can prevent communication mishaps that impact the public’s perception, reduce productivity and lower employee morale.

The Top Barriers to Effective Communication
These barriers often stand in the way of effective business communications:

  • Emotional barriers: feelings of mistrust, fear or suspicion, leading to feelings of vulnerability
  • Cultural barriers: individuals from other traditions who have different practices and forms of verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Language barriers: the inability to speak the same language or the use of jargon, slang, inside jokes or particular expressions
  • Gender barriers: men and women communicate differently
  • Poor listening skills: many people find it hard to listening and understanding what others are communicating
  • Perceived barriers: conflicts, stereotypes, assumptions or believing “ they just won’t understand”

How Business Consulting Firms Can Help

Business consulting firms are communication experts. They can help identify the barriers that may be hindering a company’s organizational development. By not breaking down communication barriers, you may be leading your team down a frustrating path. Business consulting firm professionals can provide you with a map and the tools you need to tear down those walls.

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