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actions speak louder than words

What You Do Speaks Volumes

As a leader, what you do matters – more than you might imagine. Your colleagues, your team, and your direct reports are all paying attention to what you say and do. When your words and behaviors are in alignment, people view you as a person of integrity and will give you their absolute best. If… Continue reading What You Do Speaks Volumes

leadership team change management

Pushing Back on Personal Pushback to Change

We have often talked about change management from the perspective of a leader helping his or her team/employees through the resistance that is a natural part of change. But what about when you as the leader and your leadership team are the ones giving pushback? This situation is not uncommon. Just because you are a… Continue reading Pushing Back on Personal Pushback to Change


6 Holiday Gifts for Your Team

With the holidays right around the corner, here are six gifts ideas that you as a leader can give your team! Follow the links for more information on each gift: 1. Give reinforcing feedback to your team members who are doing a great job Everyone loves the gift of reinforcing feedback! Not just individuals who are… Continue reading 6 Holiday Gifts for Your Team

leadership hiring

Confronting Reluctant Leader Syndrome

You’re a leader with a leadership gap on your team. Fortunately, you have just the person in mind to fill that seat. The team member you want to promote is a strong individual contributor. He has been managing complex projects and initiatives successfully for several years. His two direct reports think the world of him.… Continue reading Confronting Reluctant Leader Syndrome

hybrid workplace

The Impact of the Hybrid Office on Core Values

The hybrid office is much in the news today. There is a lot of talk about technologies and policies that can help optimize the post-pandemic work environment. Those are good discussions and necessary decisions, but something is at stake that is not being addressed nearly enough: the impact of the hybrid office on a company’s… Continue reading The Impact of the Hybrid Office on Core Values


A Leader’s #1 Task: Replicate Yourself!

Leaders not infrequently come to us with the complaint, “I’m the only one around here who thinks strategically. I’m the only one coming up with new ideas and innovations. I am so frustrated!” Believe us, that frustration is shared by those leaders’ followers … because the root of the issue does not lie in the… Continue reading A Leader’s #1 Task: Replicate Yourself!