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Watch Out! What You’ve Got Is Contagious

No, we’re not talking about a virus or a cold – we’re talking about your attitude. As a leader, your attitude is contagious. It will “infect” your team with every word you say and every action you take. Your very presence will transmit it to those around you. The question then becomes, what attitude are… Continue reading Watch Out! What You’ve Got Is Contagious

People Know

People know. Too often, leaders forget that simple fact. They try to create an image that will impress their employees, their colleagues, their customers, and their vendors. But if that image doesn’t jive with reality, they aren’t fooling anyone. Because the fact is, people know. For example, take the team where one member is not… Continue reading People Know

Leadership Courage Part 6: Building Trust

At first glance, building trust does not seem like it would require leadership courage. Yet, it does. Here is why: trust, at its core, is a combination of competence, integrity, and empathy. Competence is necessary because to be a trustworthy leader your followers need to know that you know what you are doing. Integrity is… Continue reading Leadership Courage Part 6: Building Trust

The Art of Leadership

The Art of Leadership You’ve been promoted.  Now what?  How are you going to lead people who are now counting on you for guidance? To answer this question, we must first understand what  exactly leadership is. Though we may think we understand it, and we can certainly recognize its absence—how is leadership defined? Can you… Continue reading The Art of Leadership

It’s Always Been a Matter of Trust

In our work with leaders around the globe we continually emphasize how crucial it is for leaders to build trust with their followers. Without trust, leaders are unable to build strong relationships, keep followers engaged, or establish a shared vision for the future. In a recent employee survey we conducted for one of our clients,… Continue reading It’s Always Been a Matter of Trust