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Month: January 2015

Conflict: The Emotional Component

The workplace is a blending of cultures, minds, ambitions, and understanding. As people with various backgrounds and opinions try to reach mutual goals, there are bound to be times when “blending” will get difficult and opinions will turn into disagreements and inter-office conflict. Daniel Dana, president of Dana Mediation Institute, is an internationally renowned conflict… Continue reading Conflict: The Emotional Component

Your Words Say Yes, But Your Actions…

In today’s world of Skype, texting, and rapid-fire emails, we often forget ourselves in personal conversations. When we speak indirectly through technology, we don’t have to worry about our posture, our body language, or that we are thumb-fiddlers. But when faced with a physical run-in, we must remember that communication isn’t only about words. Our… Continue reading Your Words Say Yes, But Your Actions…

Strategy: Meet Monkey Wrench

Humans. We’re always getting in the way of our own success.  Even after defining your unique and successful strategy, human variables frequently enter into the equation and can derail strategy in three major circumstances: 1) When you compete to be “the best.” Competing to be the best is not nearly as effective as aiming to… Continue reading Strategy: Meet Monkey Wrench

How Do You Catch a Rare Bird? Unique Up On It!

Many companies offer services similar to yours, so why have you gained your success? What gives you a competitive edge? What makes your company different? The crux of creating an effective business strategy lies in knowing and defining your differentiators. Differentiators enable you to build a compelling case to your prospective customers. To be effective,… Continue reading How Do You Catch a Rare Bird? Unique Up On It!