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Month: October 2015

Get Focused and Execute Your Goals

Many of the company leadership teams we work with have a pretty good sense of what they want to accomplish with their businesses, at least in general terms. Unfortunately, most tell us they find it hard to execute effectively every day, every quarter, and every year to make their vision a reality. One key step… Continue reading Get Focused and Execute Your Goals

Are You Listening…Well!

Good listening skills will increase the amount of effective feedback leaders get from their employees and team members. Unfortunately, pure listening – really listening and hearing – is not an easy task. We engage in four types of listening, but only one of these really opens the communication floodgates: Physical Listening: Here, we are physically… Continue reading Are You Listening…Well!

Watch Out: 6 Obstacles to Effective Communication

Famed management teacher and writer Peter Drucker states that “…the essence of management is communication.” We fully agree with Professor Drucker – a leader’s ability to communicate effectively determines his or her own impact, and the results his organization delivers. We find that leaders often struggle to improve communication, even when they spend a huge… Continue reading Watch Out: 6 Obstacles to Effective Communication