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Top Five Gifts Your Staff Wants For The Holidays

The holiday season is considered to be the time of giving, a time to be selfless and cognizant of the needs of others.  As a business coach and consultant I have often been faced with what I call “The Great Divide” between upper management of companies and the balance of the working team.  Some may… Continue reading Top Five Gifts Your Staff Wants For The Holidays

Connecting the Dots

Though business can be a lot of fun I confess that I also love the networking involved.  To some extent networking involves problem-solving as much as consulting does, but the rewards are different.  Some people network for jobs, some for business, some for the pleasure of a new and unexpected connection.  I like matching one… Continue reading Connecting the Dots

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Top Ten Time Wasters Organizations face

Top Ten Time Wasters With Thanks to Wendy Hearn Reading Wendy Hearn’s Coaching blog recently on the Top Ten Time Wasters in companies, it points out the ways leaders as well as staff members can get stalled in the growth of the organization To read Wendy’s list go here: The “list” is hers…the comments… Continue reading Top Ten Time Wasters Organizations face

Five Steps to Family Business Harmony

A friend of mine with a great track record of success running a family business recently shared with me thoughts on how to make a family business relationship work effectively.  I thought you would enjoy reading this perspective from the front lines. Here is what this family business CEO wrote: Do you remember the television… Continue reading Five Steps to Family Business Harmony

March On

My son is a soldier by choice. One of those rare, true patriots, willing to put his life on the line to protect and defend our country. And, no matter how you feel about war/the military/ government/ guns/politics/religion (and all those other topics we seldom discuss in the business world), I believe most people admire… Continue reading March On

Lessons From a Geezer

DO I NEED TO TRUST YOU TO BUILD THE BUSINESS? There seems to be a lot of discussion lately around the topic of “Trust.” It ranges from trusting our government to do the right thing, to trusting our kids to take responsibility for their actions. But what does “trust” have to do with business results?… Continue reading Lessons From a Geezer

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