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Take Off Your Rose-Colored Glasses

  We see what we want to see. We’ve all heard that phrase and it applies especially to leaders in business. For a business to be successful – and remain successful – we as leaders must make sure to avoid falling into a complacent mindset. When business is improving, it becomes especially easy to convince… Continue reading Take Off Your Rose-Colored Glasses

Who’s the Adult Here?

  Last week, we touched on the sometimes-dysfunctional dynamics of family businesses and the importance of maintaining professional relationships in the workplace. In non-family businesses, we often discover similar challenges, especially as they relate to interactions between employees and their direct supervisors. One interesting theory used to examine workplace interactions comes from psychiatrist Dr. Eric… Continue reading Who’s the Adult Here?

Keeping It All in the Family

  Nearly 70% of family businesses would like to pass the reigns on to the next generation. Unfortunately, only 30% will succeed, according to recent statistics from Peak Family Business Survey. Why is it so difficult for families to transition their businesses to the next generation? Here are three common issues that can sabotage success:… Continue reading Keeping It All in the Family

Secrets of a Courageous Leader

  Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway. –John Wayne   Courage is a necessary quality for every effective leader. When we lack leadership courage, it simply means we are fearful – of change, of addressing issues, or perhaps of defining roles and responsibilities. It takes courage to identify the tough issues… Continue reading Secrets of a Courageous Leader

Formulate Your Rx for Success

Organizational health is the single biggest contributor of an organization’s success. When we clearly define our organization’s vision and values, we set in motion a method for success. Success happens when team members share the company’s values, and sit in clearly defined roles with a high level of accountability to meet commitments. When we aren’t… Continue reading Formulate Your Rx for Success

How to Handle Elephants (and Smaller Animals)

Sometimes it seems easier to check off the small items on our “to solve list” and save the big ones until later.  “Later” meaning when we have more time, less on our plates, after we’ve researched the issue a little more, or any number of excuses we can muster. But the “big ones”—the substantial, continual… Continue reading How to Handle Elephants (and Smaller Animals)