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Accountability: A Positive Word for High-Performing Teams

More concerns and complaints have been raised about accountability among our clients than perhaps any other area of leadership. The theme of these concerns and complaints is always the same: accountability is about punishment, confrontation, failure, and blame. Yet, high-performing teams invariably practice accountability. The team members consistently hold themselves and each other accountable. And… Continue reading Accountability: A Positive Word for High-Performing Teams

Don’t Confuse Work with Accountability

If two or more people are working on a project, who is accountable for ensuring that tasks are accomplished and goals are met? (Hint: the answer is not “everyone”!) We have often found in our consulting that people confuse “working on a project” with “being accountable for the project.” For instance, a client may say… Continue reading Don’t Confuse Work with Accountability

Driving Energy with Accountability

For too many people in the corporate world, “accountability” is a loaded word: loaded, that is, with negative baggage. It conjures up images of bosses who speak sternly to those of lower rank, holding some shortcoming over their heads. For this reason, the thought of “accountability” makes many people cringe. This, however, is not a… Continue reading Driving Energy with Accountability

Fuzzy With a Chance of Blurry

Two critical things muddle the lines of accountability in a company: 1) blurred roles and 2) fuzzy responsibilities. We’ve all been there. You take a job and it turns out that you’re doing four or five people’s jobs. And no one seems to know where the responsibilities begin and end. When roles and responsibilities are… Continue reading Fuzzy With a Chance of Blurry